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Sometime between the evening of June 24th and the afternoon of June 27th, a fire ignited in the interior of an ambulance causing damage to the ambulance and smoke damage to the interior of the Kaibab Estates Fire Station that it was parked in.


Fire investigators were unable to determine the origin or cause of this fire. While it appears that the fire began within the passenger compartment of the ambulance, there are reports from fire department members that approximately two weeks prior to the fire, repairs were done to the vehicle’s starter and surrounding electrical wiring. These repairs could not be conclusively ruled out as causing or contributing to the fire as well.

Arson –CCSO

On August 12, 2011, at about 11:20 pm, the 45-year-old male victim who serves on the Board of Directors for the Kaibab Estates West Fire District arrived at his residence located on Lee Drive in Kaibab Estates West and was closing the gate located at the end of the driveway on the northeast corner of his property.


According to the victim two adult males were waiting for him and attacked him.  The victim said one of the suspects struck him in the head with an object that may have been a glass bottle.  Following the attack the suspects fled the immediate area on foot and may have entered two waiting vehicles.  The victim described one of the suspects as wearing a white button down shirt and blue jeans, and had long hair.

Assault – CCSO



Lilibeth was let out of the house by one of the owners when the dog ran out to the parking lot.  A neighbor almost hit the dog and then saw a silver Pontiac G6 with “very chrome rims” pull up near it.  The driver said “That’s my pooch” and took the dog.


The suspect is described as a black male and the vehicle is believed to be a 4 door Pontiac G6 with silver rims that are very noticeable.


If located, please contact Detective Holland at 679-4076.

Missing Dog — FPD



On 01-13-13 a Native American male approximately 30 years of age, about 5'6"-5'07", weighing about 230 lbs, last seen wearing a light grey sweatshirt, blue jeans and a half ski mask, walked up to the window of Wicked AZ, 306 E. Route 66, and robbed the establishment with a black long barrel handgun.  After robbing the cashier of money the suspect fled westbound on Route 66.  


DR is 13-00727.

Armed Robbery — FPD



The Flagstaff Police Department is looking for information on a 1990 to 2000 model Lime green Mustang.  On 3/11/2013, at approximately 6 Pm, the vehicle was involved in a disturbance at Lowell Observatory.  The vehicle was occupied by a Hispanic male with a long brown ponytail and black male with a shaved head.  The occupants assaulted a female victim and fled the area in the lime green Mustang.  Please contact the Flagstaff Police Department if you have information on this case.  

Refer to DR 13-04056.  

Assault — FPD



In the morning of 4/16/2013, at 0520 hours officers responded to the 1500 Block of Yale for shots fired at a residence in the area.  Male voices were heard in the area around the time the small caliber shots were fired.  Please call Silent witness or the Flagstaff Police department if you have any information on this or any other crime.


Refer to DR P13-06181.

Drive by Shooting — FPD



On 03-13-13 at about 0549 two suspects entered the Conoco located at 1050 S. Milton Rd.  The suspects are both described as being teenage age, possibly 16-17.  The first suspect is described as  a Hispanic male wearing glasses, a gray hooded sweatshirt and black pants, with a white stripe.  This suspect brandished the handgun, described as a Cal Tech .45, that was black in color with a silver slide.


The second suspect is described as a black male with a black hooded sweatshirt, jeans and white shoes.


DR is 13-04132

Armed Robbery — FPD



On 5-17-13 around 1600 hours, the victim was playing near the mailboxes by 6401 N. Christmas Tree. She was approached by a white male on a bike. The male stated that he was looking for his dog and got the 9 year old victim to sit on his bike where he proceeded to fondle her before she screamed and the suspect fled the area.


Suspect is described as 16 to 20 yrs old, with short hair, acne and large rimmed sun glasses.


The bike is a black and white mountain bike.


DR is 13-08198

Child Molest — FPD



On June , 11 2011, around 3:20 A. M.   a male  college student was walking home from  a party and was confronted in the 500 block of Franklin Ave by an unknown white male. The unknown male suspect was in his early 20’s with  brown short hair and wearing a black, short sleeve collared shirt.  The suspect was walking eastbound  and the suspect pulled a pistol from his waistband and shot the victim in the chest.  The suspect fled the area on foot.


DR is P11-10020

Attempted Homicide — FPD



On 11/5/13 a female had a guest, known as “Dave”, over to her Pine Crest Motel room located at 2818 E. Route 66.  Dave was aware that the female had legitimately prescribed pain medication and advised the female that he was “sick” from withdrawal and needed her medication.  The female refused and Dave proceeded to take the pills by force. The female stabbed Dave once in the right hand and once above his right knee where he then left the scene in an older white sedan with other unknown occupants.  The only description of Dave is that he is described as a Hispanic or Native American male.


DR is P13-18525

Attempted Robbery — FPD



On 7-31-15 at 2026 hours, there was a structure fire at 2600 E 7th Ave #19. The fire ultimately spread to apartment #18 and #20.  Currently the cause of the fire is under investigation.  No one was home at the time of the fire.


On 7-31-15, at approximately 2000 hours a “light-skinned” male approximately 5’07-5’08, thin build, approximately 20-30 YOA wearing a white shirt, black shorts, black ball-cap and black shoes carrying a backpack was seen riding a BMX style in the area.  He was observed knocking at apartment #19 & apartment #20.  He left the area approximately 1.5 hours before the fire was reported to police.


DR is P15-10976

Arson — FPD



Between Wednesday afternoon on 6/3/2015 and Thursday morning on 6/4/2015, suspect(s) broke into a Commercial River Rafting Warehouse & stole multiple items belonging to multiple victims. One of these items was an 18K Rolex watch. On 7/23/15, the above male suspect attempted to sell this watch to American Bullion & Coin. The suspect ran from police into the Lower Greenlaw neighborhood where neighbors identified him as possibly living at 2908 N Schevene Blvd. Detectives would like to talk to this suspect regarding his involvement in this case.


The WF with the red hair in the above picture is an Investigative Lead in this case.


DR is P15-0803 3

Trafficking in Stolen Property — FPD